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Hendrick Screen Company has over 40 years of experience and technical expertise in the production of stainless steel resistance welded and profile bar screens, and is a leading producer of passive water intake screens used for the withdrawal of water from streams, lakes, rivers, and reservoirs. Our stainless steel screens are 316B compliant.

Profile Bar Resistance Welded V-Wire Bar

Hendrick fish diversion screens are used in dams, irrigation, and river systems throughout North America to protect fish from hydroelectric turbines, pumps, and to prevent migration into the irrigation canals. Our screens comply with NOAA standards and they are specified by the U.S. Department of Fish and Wildlife, Corp of Engineers and many State Departments of Fish and Wildlife Depts. for the protection of fish.

This web site is dedicated to our water intake and fish diversion screens. Here you will find extensive information on our water intake screens,
fish diversion screens, solutions to bio fouling problems, airburst systems,
manufacturing & engineering data, and sample specifications.

Hendrick Screen Company can provide
the solutions to comply with the
Clean Water Act section 316(b).

We offer various options such as T-intakes, half intakes, drum
screens, and flat panels all designed to be 316(b) compliant.
Additionally we have a fully staffed engineering group to
insure you have the right screen for your application.
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